Free Adventures

Butchers of Umbrion (~5 Mb)
Weird of Skellbrith (~5 Mb)

Desktop Wallpapers

Epic Wallpaper

Community Creations

Combat Tracker is a handy program that automatically tracks order using cards and simulated dice. By Epeegnome (66 kb)

sheetsSheets & Forms

Character Sheet v1 (1.4 mb)
Character Sheet v2 (1.3 mb)

Reference Sheet (2.6 mb)
Alchemy Sheet (1.5 mb)
Metaphysics Sheet (1.4 mb)
Mentalism Sheet (1.5 mb)
Philtrology (1.5 mb)
Shen Sheet (1.4 mb)
Theurgy Sheet (1.5 mb)

GM’s Log (2.7 mb)

Combat Log, MS Excel file (22 kb)

Maps (jpeg format)

You can print these over-sized maps in full color!
Bonjua (6 mb)
Emerald Sea (3 mb)
Eslin (5.7 mb)
Espirea (5 mb)
Farshan (4.3 mb)
Rimenor (1.9 mb)
Rullaea (3.3 mb)163031225v2_240x240_Front_Color-Black
Selgonaw (2.7 mb)
Ursyos-Elkinon (5.5 mb)

Audhum (9 mb)


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