image1aHeroes are born only in the moment when terrifying risk meets overwhelming need. Epic Role Playing is an immersive, campaign-oriented, fantasy RPG: intense and fast-paced tactical combat, six innovative branches of magic, and culturally based character development. It is fit for newbies and veteran gamers alike.

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Epic RPG was designed by gamers, for gamers, to offer gripping, gritty and heroic opportunities for the taking. Read the FAQ for details about the game, or go directly to our online store to buy Epic Role Playing products. Or, read some glowing reviews first…



Epic RPG is a great game, but don't take our word for it. Read reviews from industry insiders and gamers down in the trenches.

  • James Hargrove

    “…ultimately the folks at Dark Matter Studios seem to have nailed it, providing a system that captures both entertaining meta-constructs and a great deal of verisimilitude, while remaining flexible enough to apply to a setting of your choice. Epic Role Playing obviously won’t please everybody (no game system does), but for some folks it may well be the Holy Grail that they’ve been searching for.” Read the full review at

    - James Hargrove

    “… Epic remains one of my favorite fantasy RPGs of the past few years, and one I hope others take the time to discover in the form of this new volume. In my mind, it’s one of the best “traditional” style RPGs of this past year–mechanically solid, while still possessing enough innovation to make it well worth your while to check out.” Read the full review at “Holy hell, what a game.”


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19 March

New Website

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We are largely finished with updating our website. Our new online home should work better on mobile devices and allow us to more easily post updates and news, so stay tuned!