What’s the Deal with Epic RPG?

Dark Matter2Epic Role Playing is flexible and realistic, yet with enough opportunities for death-defying heroism to satisfy the wildest imagination. Epic Role Playing was nominated for an Ennie award in 2008 and has recieved some  glowing reviews. Epic Role Playing is published by Dark Matter Studios, the highlights of which include:

  • a tactical and fast-paced combat system
  • tactical play integrates stealth and magic directly into the strategic options available to characters
  • culturally-driven character growth
  • a streamlined and intuitive game structure using a simple d10 mechanic

What about magic? I like magic.

Epic Role Playing uses a unique and expansive magic system replete with non-standard disciplines, such as the arcane science called metaphysics and the body magic known as shen. Magic integrates smoothly into the skill and tactical system.

Culturally driven character growth? Say more words, please.

Character design uses professions that are defined directly from the societies of the campaign setting to provide unique characters that have a cultural context from day one. With the flexible skill system offering a diverse multitude of special abilities and directions for maturation, only you (not a rigid game system) will control your character’s growth.

Do you have custom settings for Epic RPG? Will the system work in my own world?

Our campaign worlds designed for Epic Role Playing, Eslin and Audhum, provide numerous richly detailed non-standard fantasy settings (no stock elves and dwarves here). If you’re rolling your own home-brew setting, Epic Role Playing is a modular system and is designed to be adaptable to your custom campaign world with ease.

How do I start playing?

DiceVisit our online store and purchase the Epic RPG manuals: The Game ManualBestiary, and Atlas of Eslin. To begin, you’ll also need to grab: some friends to assemble your gaming group – we
recommend three to seven – some ten-sided dice, pencils and paper, plus mounds of chips and salsa. For the technically minded, computers and tablets are also fantastic for providing organization and even adventuring soundtracks. Then, craft your characters as detailed in the Game Manualand send them into legend!

Ok, who are you people and what are you about?

Go here, and fear no more.

Want more details?

The Long-Winded Low-Down has tons more details about the game.