Amazon Review by Emile Pollack

Amazon Review by Emile Pollack: Another great review on Amazon rates Epic Role Playing 5/5 stars!

I’m coming from a GURPS/Runequest background, but my wife ordered this for me. I was skeptical of a new fantasy RPG, but the rules are very well written and actually make sense. I would recommend players at least pick up the Atlas and Arcane books as well (especially the Atlas!) This is a very solid game that I can’t wait to get a game together for. I hope this turns out to be a sleeper hit. The one drawback I would mention, despite this being a great RPG, is the fact that the supporting books are sold separately. For example, if you want to use the Guilds and Professions of the setting (which I recommend), you need the Atlas of Eslin. The game is set up so it can be a non-magic type, but for magic you need the Arcane book, and so on. (Though the other books are good too, I’d have liked to see them all together–maybe a special edition or something?) Still, especially if you go the used path, its comparable in price to other RPGs, and it is very in-depth. Anyhow, both combat gamers and those who like more subtlety in their actions will find a system to fit them. Combat is especially customizable. All in all, a remarkable game from these guys. Great work!