Amazon Review by Brian Kelley

Amazon Review by Brian Kelley: We’re excited about our first independent review by Brian P. Kelley on Amazon!

Been playing in this system for four or five years now. Granted, the system has changed some since those days, but the basics are the same. The d10 system is simply better than the more popular d20 floating around these days. The revamped skill system is fantastic. Allowing for character customization not seen in most RPG systems. Unlike most systems each character has the ability to be great right after creation, but leaving plenty of room for enhancement and growth. This guide and the Arcane book are all you really need to get started. The Bestiary is also handy of course. As we play in a different world we haven’t looked at the Atlas so I can’t comment on it as of yet, but given the quality of these other products I recommend it if you don’t have a world you want to incorporate into the system. Once again, its a great system, enjoy it.