We are dedicated to making the best role playing game available. We have made every attempt to rethink our assumptions about how role playing works, from realistically modeling combat to building an innovative magic system from the ground up. We wanted Epic to come alive and offer players more choices without overloading them with a ton of rules to remember, and to be a platform for our players’ own visions and imagination.

The People Behind Epic RPG

We are probably not much different than you and your friends. Epic RPG began as a hobby project at Michigan State University and has a loyal grassroots following in the US and abroad, from France to New Zealand. This is not a system made by corporations for brand maximization. It is a game made by players for playing.

The Principle Creators

Pic.small_Chris Organ is a scientist and teacher. His scientific research focuses on large-scale evolutionary questions about how genomes and phenotypes evolve over hundreds of millions of years. He enjoys running long plot-driven RPG campaigns, as well as taekwondo, philosophy, and snowboarding. Chris hails from Bozeman, Montana.


Kent-Torso-smallKent Davis is an author, actor, and teacher. Kent lives in Bozeman, Montana and likes yoga, hiking, and philosophizing. His debut fantasy novel, A Riddle in Ruby, is due out from HarperCollins’ Greenwillow Books in Fall, 2015.


Andy Monroe is a distribution manager from Lansing Michigan. He enjoys learning about wines, traveling, reading, working out, kicking ass and plucking daisies.

Andrew Merz is a Marine Corps officer and a student of military history and strategy. He is an avid rock climber and mountaineer.

Contact us at info@epicrpg.com